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We are a Qatari company offering AI, IT and E-learning solutions and consultancy services. We believe that more data should mean more accuracy, but data piles could be overwhelming, that’s why we work closely with our clients to help them define their needs then we research, design & develop AI solutions that answer real-world problems using the precise data.

AI is the newest buzzword in the IT sector, it’s the point of attraction for major investments, and visionary market leaders. This brings some remarkable advantages like the room for creativity, the direct impact, and innovative solutions adoption, but they come accompanied with some challenges like Man Power, collecting and utilizing relevant data, and Integrating AI.

We, at Zerone, have been successfully delivering futuristic IT solutions since 2017, we solve business problems using stat-of-the-art IT technologies, with a proven track record in E-learning, AI, and outsourcing.

Our Areas of Expertise

We Change The World With AI

Best Data Utilization through integration with all data systems and deliver analytical data.
Advancement in operation efficiency.
Deliver forecasted data which help in proactive decision making based on solid understanding of Past , Current & Forecasted needs and circumstances.
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Our Services

Vertical AI is a revolutionary concept where machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are leading the processes of data collection, aggregation, sanitation, and most importantly: decision making. This simply means we employ our resources to improve the efficiency of the AI itself, we keep developing the processes and technicalities to deliver comprehensive solutions. This shift towards Vertical AI enables us to reduce costs, improve our own operational efficiency, productivity, and eventually, this enables us to provide the most sophisticated software in time and within budget. Our main expertise is to deliver an AI Software solution tailored to be on top of all systems, delivering an Decision Support System (DSS) for leadership and management this will add layers of smartness to day-to-day operations empowered by the intelligent understanding of current and forecaster need.

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Clients have different needs and different specifications, especially in acquiring staff/resource to match their given requirements, which also involves several factors: experience, skills, knowledge and credentials.  Zero One Solution and Consultancy seeks to understand HOW we can provide you the right people for the right position to have a definite outcome for the greater objective of the organization.

The How we do it is a big factor when it comes to efficiency. The process of it must be systematized and strategic in the most efficient manner:

Requisition – dealing with corporate clients we develop a vacancy to fill our client’s requirements. If both parties agreed, Zero One Solution and Consultancy will use the advantage of social media and will create a design appropriately to attain the uttermost response rate and to successfully advertise it.

Seek and Attract – with our without advertising, our recruitment team process the requirements with a defined database, wide array of network and social media projection, partnered staffing companies/agencies, referrals and headhunting.

Collection and Selection – We file all applications, screen and pre-qualify candidates, shortlisting, and manage the interview process.

Employ and Deploy – once receive and presented the offers for employment and after negotiations on specific terms are done, we assist the candidates with pre-hiring requisites processing and mobilization to Doha.

Extended Care – All through the recruitment and outsourcing process, Zero One Solution and Consultancy will continue to monitor the work efficiency of the employees outsourced and check for their well-being.

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On-Shelf Courses

Ready-made courses specified for roles and fields in a specific industry.

We have the access to a large library of On-shelf courses in a broad range of topics & industries in the business professional environment, Soft Skills, Legal Compliance, General Health & Safety, IT & Business Skills In addition to advanced face to face and online English courses along with placement tests.

Learning Management System

The growing need for constant and continuous training in enterprises created a need for a learning platform where different employees of different backgrounds can access accurate learning material and courses easily, from any place, and at any time. Our Learning management system for internal training enables enterprises to find, upload, or create the content they need and delivers it to employees conveniently.

In addition to allowing enterprises to administer, document, track, report, and deliver their educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. Our LMS system allows the employees and staff of our clients to stay sharp, up to date and cultivated and that means they will always have a competitive edge in the market.

Custom Courses

 We develop customized content for different organizations to meet the required business needs using engaging and exciting media to ensure the learning outcomes are well-structured, interactive, and accurate. We also develop digital solutions to display such content properly.

Our team has wide experiences in content localization (Arabic / English) and this is how we formulate content to be suitable to any targeted audience in any cultural context. We are relying on our team of Subject matter experts, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, and Learning Consultants to develop reliable learning and training materials as well as public awareness campaigns. And as technology experts at the first place, we don’t take it easy when it comes to technicalities and user experience, we

depend on the cutting-edge technologies to deliver our customized content in a profound, powerful and attractive form using latest trends in Learning and development like Gamification, Infographics, Formative assessments, Summative quizzes, 3D Films, virtual tours & interactive scenarios.


Our Cooperation with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy:

Through our partnership with major e-learning players in the region, we deliver e-Learning technology solutions to meet varying scopes of training needs and budgets with English & Arabic Content to match specific organizational goals. And we have been honored to provide a complete training solution for more than 35000 trainees who will act as facilitators, ushers, guides, in addition to many other vital jobs they will carry-out in the The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Which will undoubtedly afford football fans everywhere the chance to enjoy a unique experience in the country.

Zero One has worked with the committee to provide a complete platform to evaluate the applicants and assess their English language. Then we provided training courses based on the level of each applicant to improve his/her ability to communicate with fans, people, and press from different nations coming to Qatar in this historic event; Qatar 2022™.

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