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Chairman Message

A continuous challenge for Success

The business world has come to be an extremely challenging environment. We are aware of the important role we are playing and we hope it to be remembered for years and to leave a legacy that would help our Qatari society and the whole region. At Zero One, I take pride in leading an excellent team that strives to achieve success and greatness.
According to its management philosophy, Zero One is committed to creating new and progressive approaches to its operations and services to provide a customer-based service for its clients.

Qatari people: Our Asset

The most valuable asset of our company is the Qatari people, whether it be clients or employees. We believe in the development of our employees that’s why we do our best to help them, alongside ourselves, achieve success. Our goal is to make sure the employees have opportunities to prosper and succeed while providing the best service to our clients.

Quality Comes First

We believe that the only way to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction is through the pursuit of the highest qualities for our products and services.

Technology Innovation is a Never-Ending Pursuit

We keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and continue to keep ourselves updated through constant participation in important conferences and forums.

Contribution to a Qatari Utopian Society

We believe that contributing to the welfare of our community is the best way to build a most trusted company. As a result, we are looking forward to creating a legacy of developing and providing some of the highest quality products to our people.
Our success would not be possible without the contribution and support of our Qatari government who have supported us through our incredible journey thus far.
We look forward to continuing to exceed expectations on both the communal and professional levels.